PT Yangtze Optical Fibre Indonesia (YOFI) is an optical fibre Joint-Venture Company between the global optical fibre leader YOFC and PT Monas PermataPersada, owner of Indonesia’s innovative cable manufacturer. YOFI is the first and only optical fibre manufacture in South-East Asia. The very first reel optical fiber was drawn out on 17 August 2016, the 71st anniversary of Indonesia’s Independence. After the fibers have been tested and met the customer requirements, they were sold to PT Jembo Cable Tbk (PT Jembo) for 30,000KM on 3rd October 2016. It’s the first time ever that Indonesian local cable factory receives optical fiber from a local fiber factory. By December 8, 2016, YOFI has already delivered over 400,000km optical fiber to local cable companies.
Moreover, YOFI has successfully signed long term supply contract with major cable companies to supply more than 3,000,000KM fibers in 2017. As the first and only optical fiber manufacturing company in Indonesia and ASEAN region, YOFI will make its contributions to the economic development of these regions and empower the people to truly enjoy the happiness and benefits that fiber communication brings about.

YOFI first Fiber delivery on October 3, 2016

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